Dear JibJab Friends,

We want to let you know that, after much debate, we have decided not to produce one of our usual election satire videos this year. We've spent 2012 focusing our creative energies on our eCard business as well as developing a new product line that we are extremely passionate about that will make learning fun for kids (and easy for parents). Check out StoryBots.com for a sneak peek at what we are building! That said, we will be releasing a fun little election-themed web toy before the election. Make sure to sign up for a free account or like us on Facebook to get notified when we release it.

We wish we could clone members of our small team and do everything, including one of our election satire videos, but cloning is illegal and not covered by our company's health insurance plan. We hope you understand this decision and continue to enjoy the work we produce in pursuit of our mission to make "billions of people happy."

Grevan & the JibJab Team

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