JibJab Originals

JibJab Originals are the classic funny videos created by the JibJab team. You’ll find your favorite hilarious flash animations like ‘This Land’, ‘Big Box Mart’, ‘2-0-5’, ‘Good to Be in D.C.’, and more. We’ve got more over-sized pumpkin heads and dancing politicos than you can shake a stick at!

In 2007

Released: 12/19/07

The year wouldn't be complete without a JibJab 2007 Year in Review. And what 2007 Year in Review would be complete without Britney Spears, Alberto Gonzalez, Michael Vick and the almighty iPhone? This funny animation has them all, and so much more! View

Uncle Globey & Friends

Released: 11/13/07

This hilariously twisted animation parodies children's shows by teaching kids about the harsh realities of the world. Forget learning your ABCs - Uncle Globey's going to teach your kids about WMDs! View

Star Spangled Banner

Released: 06/07/07

Presidents from Truman to Obama come together for a rousing rendition of our national anthem that sends a clear message: America rocks! View

What We Call the News

Released: 03/28/07

Celebrities in rehab, political punditry and a mauling at the zoo - this is what we're calling news these days! This funny satire on broadcast news features Larry King, Bill O'Reilly, Geraldo Rivera and the rest of your favorite talking heads. This just in: modern news is a joke! View

Nuckin' Futs! - Best of '06

Released: 12/14/06

What do Britney Spears, Google and Iran have in common? They all contributed to one heck of a crazy 2006! Watch singing school children recap the past year's events, with a touch of JibJab's twisted humor! View


Released: 12/15/05

This hilarious animation takes a funny look at 2005 and lists everything that made that year so eventful, then turns tragedy into comedy with our trademark political humor! View

Second Term

Released: 11/19/05

When George W Bush won re-election, we just had to do something about it. Namely, make another political satire! Watch Bill Clinton, John Kerry and John Edwards sing to their hearts content! View

Big Box Mart

Released: 10/13/05

In this funny cartoon, an honest factory worker learns the truth about his favorite department store: that there's a very high cost for everyday low prices. Namely, unemployment! View


Released: 04/21/05

Passover goes Hip Hop in JibJab's illin'est music video! Just because you don't recognize Jesus as your personal savior doesn't mean you don't recognize phat rhyme when you hear it. L'chaim, G-money! View

Good to Be in DC

Released: 10/08/04

Those ca-razy politicians are at it again. Hilarity ensues when President George W Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Senators John Edwards and John Kerry reprise their roles in the funny video follow up to "This Land". Dubya! (Shakes fist at sky) View